Menstrual Cups 100% Highest Medical Grade Silicone
Menstrual Cups 100% Highest Medical Grade Silicone
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Menstrual Cups 100% Highest Medical Grade Silicone

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100% Highest Grade Silicone, Set of 2 cups, 1 large & 1 small.

12 hour reusable, leak-free, BPA free menstrual cups.

1 sterilization cup & premium storage bag

Sustainability - Over a lifetime one woman can throw away hundreds pounds of period products. Menstrual Cups make for a completely waste free period; which is great for our environment.

Safe - Menstrual Cups are made of safe medical grade silicone. There is no risk of exposure to toxins and byproducts commonly used in tampons and pads.

Period Tracking - Because the cup collects flow we are able to accurately measure how heavy a period is giving us more knowledge of what’s happening with our body and arming us with precise data for conversations with care providers.

No Air Exposure - Menstrual fluid develop an odor when exposed to air, the use of a cup eliminates this.

Less Drying - Cups are less drying to the vaginal canal than tampons which preserves the healthy bacteria which in turn preserves the pH, which in turn prevents infections.

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